Saso certificate Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has announced the launch of SABER electronic platform, which aims to register and issue conformity assessment certificates for products before entering the Saudi market. SABER platform ensures the imported goods conformity to standards and specifications before entering the Saudi market. SABER platform aims at facilitating and accelerating procedures for the entrance of goods into the Saudi market in coordination with the Saudi Customs. Through SABER platform helps beneficiaries to issuing conformity assessment certificates electronically and easily.

KSA SASO Certificate "Saber COC"

SABER COC is a mandatory requirement for companies registered in Saudi Arabia (KSA) that will import products for trade or use. The SABER portal system is a new mandatory importer-based computer system facilitating online certification of imports into Saudi Arabia. The long-term plan is for the SABER platform to become the only verification system for clearing goods through Saudi Arabian customs and replace the SASO COC. All shipments arriving into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will require a Product COC and a Shipment COC to be issued through SABER.

Implementing the SABER system regulations will create a shift in who is responsible for arranging the customs clearance of the goods. It is now the importing company’s responsibility based in Saudi Arabia (KSA) to register their company, products, and shipments on the SABER portal. A Saber certificate is a requirement. 

There is no certificate named Saber Certificate, but Saber platform enables you to issue a product’s Certificate of Conformity (COC) and Shipment Conformity Certificate electronically without visiting the Saudi Standards Authority.

The SABER platform ensures the imported goods conformity to standards and specifications before entering the Saudi market. 

SASO has set two strategic objectives, as part of the related ‘Saudi National Transformation Program.

  1. Build consumer confidence in product sold in the market.
  2. Guarantee the fair trade between the buyer and the seller.

Saber is an electronic platform that helps the local supplier and factory to register the required conformity certificates electronically for consumer products, whether imported or locally manufactured, to enter the Saudi market. The platform also aims to raise the level of safe products in the Saudi market.

Saber E-Platform was developed under the supervision of the Saudi Standards Authority in cooperation with THIQAH Business Services Company to operate and develop it according to the highest standards of efficiency in terms of speed of completion in registration, as well as in reducing the time spent for beneficiaries.

How can you get a SASO certificate Saudi Arabia?

There is no certificate named Saber Certificate, but Saber platform enables you to issue a product’s Certificate of Conformity (COC) and Shipment Conformity Certificate electronically without visiting the Saudi Standards Authority.

SABER portal categories:

The SABER system has two categories that every product will be categorized upon, which are regulated and non-regulated. Previously, only regulated cargo had to be registered on SABER. Effective 1st January 2021, SABER has made it mandatory to have non-regulated products also registered, so now all imported cargo should be registered.  

  1. Regulated Products (High/Medium Risk Products) There are two categories of these products: Medium & High-Risk Products are also included in the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Regulated Products. Under this program, SASO will be issuing Technical Regulations similar in concept to EU Regulations – suited to the Saudi Market – with a mandatory involvement of R-CABs. In case the products are in scope, the applicable Conformity assessment procedures will be defined in the Technical Regulations. 
  2. Non- Regulated Products (Low Risk Products) These Regulated Products must obtain the Certificate of Conformity for the product and shipments from SABER portal through mandatory involvement of the R-CABs. High-risk products must obtain the SASO Quality Mark Authorization and are subject to conformity assessment procedures.

What are the products that should be registered on SABER?

As per January 2021, all regulated and non-regulated products, whether imported or manufactured locally. However to clear the regulated products, the issuance of the Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) is required. PCoC demonstrates that the imported products have been registered within SABER and are compliant with applicable SASO’s Technical Regulations. 

The Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC) that is requested for all imported products cannot be obtained for regulated ones unless their PCoC has first been completed. 

Who must register on SABER?

All importers/manufacturers with Saudi commercial register as well as the local manufacturers.

Are there any fees to open an account on the Saber platform?

No, there is no subscription fee to the Saber portal.

Certification of Conformity

  1. Product (registration) Certificate: The first step in the SABER platform is to register the products based on classification, whether it is regulated or non-regulated. This registration will be valid for one year and will be issued a product (registration) certificate. 
  2. Shipment Certificate: Once the product is registered, importers will have to issue a shipment certificate each time the product is imported into the kingdom. The shipment certificate will be valid for only one time for the import it is issued on. 

Required documents for a shipment certificate on SABER portal:

  • A commercial invoice (Commercial invoice number and invoice value will be mentioned on the shipment certificate)
  • Packing list (product details like quantity and gross weight will be mentioned on the shipment certificate).

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